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Locanda Capri

Locanda Capri

A Taste of the Amalfi Coast

When Enzo Rosano immigrated to the United States in 1998, he already had a long history of working in the hospitality industry throughout Europe. His five-star hotel experience led him to the Half Moon Bay restaurant scene where he began his journey of achieving the American dream. “When I was working in London, my best friend was in Paris and met a beautiful Californian girl,” said Enzo. “We moved here and my first job was at Mezzaluna. I eventually met my wife and moved to Burlingame where I truly started working toward my dream of opening my own restaurant.” Enzo opened his first Locanda in San Carlos in 2010 with the goal of bringing a piece of his family and culture to the Bay Area and beyond. After the initial location, Enzo opened Locanda Ravello in Danville, Locanda Positano in Lafayette, Locanda Amalfi in Pleasanton, Locanda Wine Bar in Livermore, Locanda Sorrento in Campbell, and on December 19, 2023, Locanda Capri in Brentwood.

After searching for two years, the downtown Brentwood location which was previously Sweeney’s Grill & Bar became available, and Enzo knew that it was perfect. “I love a downtown location,” said Enzo. “We love people and love to be outside talking and engaging. All of my restaurants are in a downtown. We have a great recipe, so why change it?” It was Enzo’s partner, Emanuele, who drew him to Brentwood. After telling Enzo about the beautiful city and insisting that it would be an ideal fit for the restauranteur, Enzo decided to visit the farmers market and scope out the town. “I came a few times to visit and fell in love with the town.” Despite now having six restaurant locations, Enzo ensures that each establishment is slightly different than the rest; however, they all guarantee to bring the flavors of the Amalfi Coast. “Each chef has his own ideas for the menu and his own special dishes.” The items that never change, however, are the Mama Carmela recipes. “The lasagna, meatballs, and parmigiana are Mama Carmela recipes. You don’t touch those. I love to change the menu based on what’s in season, but there are certain things that are untouchable.”
Enzo considers Locanda to be a boutique restaurant and promises that you will always see a familiar, friendly face when you visit. “When you come to Locanda Capri in Brentwood, you see Emanuele. In Livermore you see my brother, Tulio. Everywhere you go, there’s somebody that you can recognize.” As one of nine kids, Enzo’s large family is heavily involved in his success story. “All of my family is still in Italy,” said Enzo. “My brother Tulio and myself are the only ones who moved to the United States, but I have a family member who runs each restaurant.” Enzo wants the importance of family and a warm welcome to reflect in the atmosphere of his establishments, giving the feeling of walking into a friend’s home.

While the dining industry may be a tough world to be in, there is also beauty to be found. “I don’t ever say my restaurant is better than anyone else’s,” said Enzo. “Some people like ice in their water. I don’t. That’s the beauty of the food industry. There’s room for everybody; it’s a big cake and I have a high level of respect and wish the best for everyone in it.” Enzo hopes to see even more beautiful, boutique restaurants open in Brentwood to bring even more flavor, diversity, and variety to the local residents and visitors.
As for the future, Enzo certainly is not done with his plans for Locanda Capri. The restaurant now offers brunch Friday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., providing a variety of omelets, pasta dishes, and family friendly options. Enzo also promises that the long-awaited patio area will be open sometime in the Spring. “Our patio is the best part,” said Enzo. “That will be the cherry on top. I slowed down the process because when you open up a restaurant you want to take baby steps, start slow, and gain confidence before opening up to an overwhelming number of people. I do promise that it will be gorgeous, and people will truly feel like they’re on the Amalfi Coast.”

Address: 301 Oak Street, Brentwood, CA 94513
Contact: 925-390-5534
Website: www.locandarestaurants.com

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