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Lavish Grazing

Lavish Grazing

Gourmet Artisanal Charcuterie & Full Catering

Growing up in a large family, Kristin Perez was used to always providing food for a crowd. “Our family is big and we grew up across the street from a church,” said Kristin. “After church everybody would come over and we’d just throw food together.” Knowing how to cook for the masses, partnered with growing up in a family business, made the perfect combination of inspiration for Kristin’s future. When the pandemic hit, Kristin lost her manager position at Starbucks and decided it was time for a change. “I had an inexplicable peace about the situation. I used to make charcuterie boards for family functions and thought, on a whim, that I should turn it into a business, which was something I had never done before.” Kristin realistically knew that it was a huge gamble, considering the current state of the community; however, on November 3, 2020 she took a leap of faith and opened Willow and Honey. “It may have been one of the stupidest ideas to open during the pandemic, but it just blew up so fast. It was unreal.”

Kristin’s sister, who originally helped with the business, decided that she wanted to keep the company name and continue in Sacramento where she lived. So, Kristin rebranded to what many people now know as Lavish Grazing. “I knew that I wanted to eventually do more than just charcuterie and I wanted that aspect conveyed through my name,” said Kristin. What started as pre-made and ordered charcuterie boxes quickly evolved into so much more. Within the first year Kristin began hosting charcuterie board workshops where she teaches attendees how to master their own creation, including tips on making her beautiful salami roses. Workshops were originally held at The Craft Room and have since been moved to Serendipity Cellars, typically taking place around the holidays to keep them themed. “I also offer them for corporate clients and in-home private events like birthday parties, bridal showers, etc. You really get to know people that way and create connections that never would’ve happened otherwise.”

Eventually customers began requesting something larger than just a pre-made box, which led Kristin to the massive grazing tables that she’s now known for. Sometimes they take up an entire kitchen island or the length of a dining room table; everything is completely customizable. “We currently offer charcuterie boxes, grazing tables, platters to go, and graze and go which offers the same experience of a grazing table without the cost of the full setup,” said Kristin. “You can also find our pre-made boxes at Serendipity Cellars to purchase along with your wine tasting experience.” In October 2023, Kristin was approached by Serendipity Cellars owner Michele Lucay about providing charcuterie, tapas and meal items for a 300-person event. In typical Kristin fashion, she immediately said yes and figured it out along the way. “We borrowed some warmers from a friend who owns a taco truck and tried it out. After that success we immediately went and bought our own, and now we offer full catering, which includes hot foods like tri tip, mashed potatoes, rice, you name it.”
Over the last few years, the success of Lavish Grazing has spread not just in the local community, but also in the corporate world. Kristin has provided catering and charcuterie workshops for large tech companies like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. “The greatest thing about running a small business is the people that you meet,” said Kristin. “I did a popup once and met Amber who had a small business and was also starting to work for Google. She approached me and asked if I could provide some food for them. To get into Google, you have to have a contact. From there it blew up.” The thing that Kristin loves the most about larger clients is the ability to let her creativity run wild. “I love intricate details more than anything. It’s time consuming but makes the mundane more fun. That’s part of why I wanted to add full catering and having the freedom to bring in other items that I don’t normally work with.”

As if Kristin isn’t busy enough with all of her services she’s providing the community, she is gladly adding more to her plate with the opening of an Oakley storefront. Favalora Vineyards Winery in Livermore is partnering with Lavish Grazing to open a brick and mortar that will offer brunch and coffee in the morning and then switch to wine and charcuterie in the evening. “This has always been my dream,” said Kristin. “My background is coffee and clearly, I love charcuterie. We’re unsure of an opening date, but I already have my menu set. The end goal would be to eventually have a Brentwood location. I’m all about family; our families are big and we do everything with our kids. Brentwood is a very family-oriented community, and this is where I see my family growing and experiencing life. I love being here.”

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