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Maddie Bee Studios

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Maddie Barnes-Boileau has always been a natural born artist, excelling in both painting and drawing. However, when her dad and stepmom had a professional design a logo for their lavender farm, Maddie knew that she could do better. “I hated it,” said Maddie. “I told them to give me some time to learn graphic design and I would make something so much better. That’s exactly what I did. I taught myself graphic design and have never looked back.” Maddie began offering her freelance services in 2016, and after a few years she officially launched her company Maddie Bee Studios. “I originally started my company to sell my artwork as prints, but then I got really shy about it. Art feels very personal; it’s a part of who I am. If someone didn’t like a piece of my work, it hurt my heart at first.” Maddie decided to switch her attention to candles as a different creative outlet and to take the pressure and attention off of her artwork, and they were a hit. “If you didn’t like a candle, that was fine. You could find a different scent. It wasn’t the same emotional attachment for me.”

As someone who never likes to sit still, Maddie had other jobs in addition to her graphic design service, artwork and candles. When 2020 came, Maddie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and could no longer work at her gym as a group fitness instructor. “That year I got to the point where I couldn’t even brush my own hair, walk or eat,” said Maddie. “I had to quit my physically demanding job because I just couldn’t do it anymore. So, I decided to focus more on my art, which was what I truly wanted to do. That propelled me into it.” So, Maddie dove into her artwork and her candles. Despite the fact that COVID had shut everything down, there were still outdoor markets taking place, which were the ideal environment for Maddie to sell her candles alongside her art. After a while, Maddie realized that she truly only enjoyed the design aspect of the candle business. Selecting scents, designing labels and creating the vessels were the highlight of the process, not the day to day pouring of the actual candle itself. “The candles just took up too much room and time,” said Maddie. “Now that I have my son, I decided it’s time to show him to follow what you actually love.”

The name Maddie Bee Studios was intentional. Maddie wanted to keep it somewhat generic so that a variety of services could be offered under the same business. “The ‘studios’ could be an art studio, graphic design studio, and for a while it was a candle studio. I can keep multiple different compartments under the same name. I love trying new things, experimenting with new mediums, changing it up.” Maddie Bee Studios currently offers graphic design for logos, posters, labels, branding and more. She also offers one-of-a-kind art pieces for businesses or homes, as well as murals. Her main focus for 2024 is to offer more paintings and art prints which will be available on her website. “I’ll be launching a few collections this year,” said Maddie. “I will be selling original pieces on canvas, as well as prints that I personally print out for the customer in order to maintain quality control and ensure that individuals receive an item that looks how I intended it to.”

Maddie is also able to provide custom creations through her contact form on her website, including anything from portraits to paintings. When it comes to painting, Maddie has found her love in florals and landscapes. As for drawing, she offers more realistic portraits. For graphic design, it’s whatever the client is looking for. Maddie has a range of styles that she can provide to accomplish whatever it is that the client needs. “Having my art drawings put onto wine labels is one of the coolest things I’ve done so far,” said Maddie. “There are a couple of companies in Napa that have my artwork on their bottles, and it happens to be really good wine. That’s one of my favorite accomplishments.”

Part of Maddie’s plan for showing her pieces to the world is to have them available at local markets. She will be at Good Morning Maxwell’s Livermore location for an event in April where she will be showcasing her floral artwork, with a goal of attending a few more markets throughout the year. “I want to put a lot more work out there. I’ve been doing a ton of custom work, but that doesn’t necessarily show who I am as an artist. Launching my painting collections will help people get to know me for my particular style. I really want people to see me.”

By: Michelle Lassle   Photos by: Sara Jean Photography


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