Sweet G’s Cookie Studio

Sweet G’s Cookie Studio

Baking You Happy Since 2015

Glenda Landrum grew up in a house that loved cookies. For as long as she could remember, her mother would make cookies from a recipe that she learned in home economics in junior high school. However, when it came time for Glenda to take over the role of baker, she decided the dated recipe needed a few changes. “My mom would roll out the cookies like crackers and bake them until they were crispy,” said Glenda. “It wasn’t necessarily our favorite, so we tweaked it a little to roll them out thicker, bake them a little bit longer at a lower temperature, and now we love them.” The background of baking led Glenda to working in Barry’s Bakery in Antioch (now Mike’s Pastry Shop) and then at Peet’s Coffee before cookies truly took over.
When the economy tanked in 2008, Glenda’s husband’s business, All Pro Glass, was hit hard. “We weren’t sure how we were going to be able to pay everybody; we were underwater, so my husband asked if I could do sales calls and bring companies something to remember us by.” So enters the chocolate chip cookie. “I started bringing chocolate chip cookies to potential customers, but I wasn’t great at making them. So, I started making sugar cookies and each time I would get better and better. Clients started calling me the cookie lady and they’d end up sending us work. It saved our business back then.” As word spread, Glenda’s friends began requesting sweet treats for their special occasions, and the rest was history. “I did not think anyone would want to pay me for my cookies,” said Glenda. “I call it my accidental business.” Glenda officially quit her job and launched Oh So Yummy Cookies in 2017.
Fast forward seven years and Glenda, along with her sister Leslie Crismore, has taken the next step in the world of baking: opening her own brick and mortar. Sweet G’s Cookie Studio opened in March 2024 with the intention of hosting classes and selling hard to find merchandise. “The other closest baking supply stores all closed for one reason or another, and the only other option was purchasing online. We wanted to offer the opportunity for someone to walk in and purchase premium baking supplies in town.” Along with the retail aspect, Glenda and Leslie offer classes for a range of ages. They have Mommy & Me classes for the little ones, kids’ classes for ages five to 12, and adult classes. The beauty of Sweet G’s Cookie Studio is the love for collaboration. “The goal behind having this location was to be able to have others come in and utilize the space,” said Glenda. “We have all different types of classes happening here, not just cookies. Anyone that teaches anything, we would love for them to come in and use our studio.”  
The available studio space is also open to other cookie makers. “We all support each other and share products. We can’t service everybody; we’re already consistently booked two months out. When we can’t help someone, we’re happy to refer to another local maker. They’re all great and some of them even teach classes.” Even in a world full of talented bakers, Glenda is all about community. However, she does have an element to her creations that makes hers stand out in their own way. “We only do one recipe and it’s our signature,” said Glenda. “Our cookies are soft centered and have a delicious orange flavor which is not standard. Nobody can really put their finger on why they taste so different.” Even though sugar cookies are their expertise, Sweet G’s Cookie Studio does offer a limited selection of other cookie varietals for those wandering into the shop. They have also added chocolate chip, double vanilla sprinkle, and oatmeal chocolate chip. All recipes are nut free.
Currently Sweet G’s Cookie Studio is just that: a studio. Glenda continues to bake her Oh So Yummy Cookies at home and then sell them at pop-ups at the studio. Her goal is to continue with her currently successful plan for the next few years and see if the studio is ultimately enough space, or if she wants to expand into a commercial kitchen versus baking at home. Regardless, Glenda plans to always have a cookie studio in Brentwood. “My husband opened his business in Brentwood in 1992. We bought a house here, got married here, and our kids all went to school here. We’ve been in town for 32 years, and we just love it here. It’s always been Brentwood.”

By: Michelle Lassle   Photos by: Sara Jean Photography


Contact: (925) 382-5683
Website: www.sweetgsbrentwood.com
Address: 4550 Balfour Road, Suite G, Brentwood, CA 94513



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