Created By You Brentwood

When did you open Created By You, and what was your inspiration?
I Opened Created By You on September 1, 2018 so we just celebrated our one year anniversary. I wanted to open an art studio that would allow people from all ages to have a safe place to get creative. 
Why did you choose to open your business in Brentwood?
I opened Created By You in Brentwood as I live here, and I enjoy the vibe of the city. I love how everyone is so supportive of small businesses, and everyone is so family oriented. That’s the heart of this studio; it’s all about the family. 


What services do you offer?
We do DIY wood signs, wood shop, canvas painting, glass painting, build and plant nights, ceramics craft workshops like jewelry, dream catchers and more. We also offer walk-in projects for all ages with different art mediums and special events like ladies’ night, toddlers crafts, family nights, date nights, and more. Created By You is the perfect place for celebrations as well; we offer party packages to make a creative, fun atmosphere for you and your friends. I work with home school families and charters as well, and I do a lot of classes for the kids’ science, history, art and more.
What makes your business unique from other art studios?
We are different because we are not just a one-stop shop; we are constantly adding new things to come and do. Wood shop is always a unique favorite, as well as our DIY wood signs and slime workshops. We just love to keep busy.



Do you have any plans/changes for the upcoming future?
As for future plans, we just want to bring in more vendors to offer even more classes for kids and adults.

By: Michelle Lassle   Photos by: Ron Essex Photography

1300 Central Boulevard, Suite 3

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