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Since your original Spotlight in 2019, what has changed for Starry Nite Studios?

We started to expand our art studio to include manufacturing and selling high quality art supplies in our after-school art students got so spoiled using the really good art
supplies we provided and they wanted to purchase these supplies for themselves! So, we learned the ins and outs of importing and manufacturing goods. We even sell supplies on Amazon! We also built an online art class course for school aged children and older to do at their own pace. This course teaches cartooning, anime, acrylic painting, watercolor painting and so much more! 
When COVID hit we were already well versed in online classes so it was an easy but stressful pivot for us. Not knowing whether our brick and mortar would survive a prolonged closure really sent our brains into a creative overdrive. We offered virtual live classes and gained painters from all over the nation; we even have some international followers now too.
The consensus was people wanted to support small businesses and not corporations, and our little studio fit that bill perfectly! We also appealed to large corporations who wanted fun activities to offer their employees so we sent off our paint kits and offered corporate virtual paint events.
We have done private events for Sales Force, Cintas, Kaiser, John Muir, Arcules, Gridstone, Cal State University, San Francisco State University, California Lutheran University and more! We have many different virtual packages to choose from to fit any budget.



What are you currently offering that you weren't previously?

Now that we are open again (and because we gained a following outside of our local area and state) we offer live in studio events that can be joined virtually. We call these hybrid events. People paint from home with the option to buy a paint kit from us or use their own supplies. We have a webcam set up so our virtual audience can see and interact with our live studio audience. It is so cool to see people make friends with people from all over the nation during our events! These have become so popular we will keep them going indefinitely! 

We also use a large projection screen now to instruct our painters. This helps everyone be able to see the instructor painting on a giant screen vs. a small canvas. So, every seat has a great unobstructed view, and we can zoom in and out to show small details that you just can’t get the old way!



How would you explain Starry Nite Studios to someone who has never visited before?

We offer paint and sip classes weekly. You buy a ticket online to one of our events (sort of like picking a movie to see). You can come alone or with a group. Our instructor teaches the class how to paint the painting of the night step by step. Each class is around 2-2.5 hours. 
We sell beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages and we are family friendly! Ages 8 and up are welcome to paint at our events. Additionally, we offer after school art classes for 1st-12th grades pretty much year round. These classes are very popular since fine art skills are not really taught in schools anymore sadly. 
We also offer different workshops like paint your pet, acrylic pouring, resin art and silk scarf marbling. We love having different forms of expression through different types of art! We also host events like Drag Queen Bingo, Bunco and line dancing lessons. Plus, we offer our spacious studio for rent for private events of all kinds!

What is your hope for the future of Starry Nite Studios?

We will be working hard to keep recovering from the months we were closed and continue to offer new events for the community to enjoy. Our goal is to continue offering a space for artists of all ages to come create with us! 


By: Michelle Lassle   Photos by: Ron Essex Photography

2545 Sand Creek Road, #136



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