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Art to Tell Your Story

You’ve probably seen Wendy Bettis’ artistic creations on display around town, whether it’s on the sidewalk in front of a local business or larger than life on Sip and Scoop’s side alley brick wall. And she hopes that it brought a smile to your face and brightened your day.

When did you start DBChalk Project & what was your inspiration?

I started the DBChalkProject in 2015 when we moved to Discovery Bay. I saw a chalk piece done on my Facebook feed, so I grabbed some chalk and my oldest child and went and nervously wrote a positive message across the street from Discovery Bay Elementary (where I got named the Chalk Fairy). Then I did another and another and just didn't stop. I really needed to see some good in the world. So, I chalked things I wanted my kids to hear, things I would tell my younger self, something uplifting or something I thought was fitting for a friend. After moving to Brentwood, it has grown to chalkboards for every occasion, business signs, window art and all kinds of lettering. But the chalk portion hasn't changed; it’s still about putting good back into the world.



What exactly does your organization do?

It's not an organization as of yet, just me chalking positive messages for inspiration, birthdays, or to lift someone up and making art along with that.

How do you decide when/where to chalk?

As far as when and where, sometimes I get specific requests from people messaging me, but when it's just me chalking a positive message, I'm normally driving around and think, “That sidewalk looks perfect!” There's really not a rhyme or reason to which sidewalk.



Do you have any hopes/goals for the future?

I would love to see it grow! I’d love to create more big murals like our recent one on the side of Sip and Scoop, and more chalkboards and lettering opportunities. I would love to bring chalk days to local schools because I think it's important to teach kids about different art mediums and most importantly, putting kindness back into the world; to really follow your dreams and that if you want to be an artist, that is an acceptable profession as well.

I'd love to have people join us as well because as much as I try to make every chalk request work, there are times that I can't because there are other things going on with my own family! It's been an amazing adventure, and I've meet some incredible people! I can't wait to see what it grows into!


By: Michelle Lassle   Photos by: Ron Essex Photography

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