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Mothers of Brentwood

Mothers of Brentwood

Support on the Journey of Motherhood


When did Mothers of Brentwood start?

We started in 2005. 



What was the inspiration behind starting a group specifically for moms?
We are an independently-run and member-driven 501(c)3 organization that strives to meet the diverse and changing needs of mothers in our community. Mothers of Brentwood offers support to mothers throughout Brentwood in Contra Costa County. Whether you’re a stay-at-home, part-time or full-time working mom, trying to conceive or already expecting, we offer a variety of activities for you and your child(ren).  

What can a first-time member expect from Mothers of Brentwood?
The MOB is always excited to welcome new members! We have in-person events every week ranging from play dates and field trips to moms only events. There are a few grand annual events like the Mother’s Day Brunch, Christmas Party, Spring Fling, and many more that members really look forward to every year. Members also have the benefit of our active Facebook group to connect online, seek advice or recommendations, or just talk with a wonderful group of supportive mothers. 
What would you consider to be the benefits of joining your group?
Besides all of the amazing social benefits of the MOB (friends for yourself and for your kids), the MOB is also an amazing resource for its members. Through interaction on our Facebook page, members can post and ask each other for anything! Parenting advice, recommendations for haircuts, a handyman, landscapers, babysitters, nail salons, etc. The MOB also provides its members the opportunity to get involved in the community and give back through our community outreach program. 



How is Mothers of Brentwood different than any other mom-centered organization?
Mothers of Brentwood is the only local mothers group that is based here in Brentwood. We are not national nor do we have to follow certain guidelines. Our board reviews our bylaws yearly (or at a monthly board meeting if necessary) and make appropriate changes. 


By: Michelle Lassle   Photos by: Ron Essex Photography
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