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FIT4MOM East Contra Costa

FIT4MOM East Contra Costa

Wellness for All Stages of Motherhood


When did FIT4MOM ECC first start?
I opened FIT4MOM ECC in February of 2016. I had been a long-time

client of two other FIT4MOM franchises in California. When my family and I moved to Brentwood, I knew without a doubt I had to open my own franchise here.


What was your inspiration behind bringing the franchise to this area?
FIT4MOM is a nationwide company, and I had been a member of two other FIT4MOM communities, one in Riverside and one in Sonoma County. The minute I experienced a F4M class I knew that I had found my people, a community of women, and a fitness program that was right for me in my journey for motherhood. My family and I moved to Brentwood from Southern California in December 2015 and the first thing I did was line up the opening of the FIT4MOM franchise.
What types of classes/activities do you offer?
Our FIT4MOM franchise offers fitness classes for moms at all stages of motherhood. Our flagship program is known as Stroller Strides, a stroller friendly workout that allows mom to get a full body one hour work in with her children in tow. We also offer our Body Boost, the workout and Body Well (an 8-week wellness session focusing on nutrition, fitness and overall wellness) classes which are designed just for women and mom. It’s a high intensity interval style workout that leaves you feeling strong, empowered and exhausted in the best way. We also offer Strides 360 which is a cardio and endurance-based class, Stroller Barre which is a barre, yoga and Pilates influenced class, and Run Club, which is a session-based program.
Along with the variety of fitness classes, we also offer a multitude of community-based events that allow our participants to connect with other women in our community. After our fitness classes we offer monthly playgroups designed for the children, we offer mom‘s night out events just for mom, and other fun events that immerse our moms in the community that surrounds us.
What can a first-time participant expect from a FIT4MOM class? 
When attending your first FIT4MOM class, a mom can expect to be greeted by other moms who know exactly what you’re going through. Whether you are coming to a stroller friendly class or a mom only class, all of our moms are in different stages of motherhood, so we easily relate to any new mama coming in to try class. Every class begins with a warm-up and an introduction that allows participants to know exactly what they can expect in the hour. If we are in a stroller friendly class we move throughout the park. The instructors lead mom through a full body workout along with entertaining your babies from the safety of their stroller. Every class ends with a cool down and then if it’s a stroller friendly class, it’s the kids’ turn! They love getting out of their strollers and heading to the park for some playtime afterwards, which also allows mom to connect with other mamas in our group.



How would you say FIT4MOM can benefit moms of all stages?
I think that this program can benefit moms at all stages of motherhood because of our variety of classes. People often feel that if they don’t have a stroller they can’t participate, but many of our programs don’t require the use of a stroller. Our classes aren’t specific to certain age groups of children either. If you are a mom, then these classes are designed for you. We understand the body of women and moms. 
Majority of the time when a mom joins our classes, they join for the fitness, but they end up staying for the community of kids and the community of other moms. Motherhood is an isolating journey, and to be able to connect to other women in a motivating, real and fun way is something every mom needs. 

By: Michelle Lassle   Photos by: Dayna Lee Photography
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