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Pine Street Country Club

Pine Street Country Club

Helping You Perfect Your Golf Game 

When did you open Pine Street Country Club & what was your inspiration?
We opened Pine Street Country Club on March 16, 2021. Rodney used to work at a

golf range in San Bruno, CA in 2012, and during their down time he and his boss would talk about golf simulators. They talked about how much someone can learn from the analytics of a simulator and how much easier it is for people to practice year-round. They also discussed what they would do to turn simulated golf into a business, and that stuck with Rodney forever. Rodney and Greg own Sticks Lounge, a membership only cigar lounge, right next door to Pine Street, and when the unit next door became available, the wheels in Rodney’s head started turning. They got the keys on December 31 and quickly started getting to work to turn Pine Street into what it is today.


What do you offer?
We have three Skytrak simulators available. The chunk of our customers come in to use the golf range because of the advanced analytics that it gives you. The range delivers instant feedback on 16 ball and club metrics. We are able to export these numbers and email them to you so that you can look at it and see what might need some tweaking. We offer range cards, which will save you up to half off range sessions upfront.

We also give you the ability to play one of 170,000+ courses all over the world. You can play as many holes as you’d like at courses like Pebble Beach, Augusta National, or St. Andrews. The typical round takes 75 minutes per person, allowing you to get home about 3 hours earlier than an outdoor round.

We also have weeknight leagues. The leagues are 10 weeks long, and we play some of the most amazing courses in the world. In addition to the regular leagues, we also have bi-monthly tournaments that we will be hosting, with tons of prizes to be won.



What makes Pine Street stand out from any other similar business?
Pine Street stands out from other similar businesses simply because there aren’t many others like us. There is a lot of access to simulators out there, but they are mostly included with a high-priced lesson or club fitting. Pine Street is perfect for the budget golfer who wants to work on their game at their own pace. You are never rushed at Pine Street, and you can easily reserve your round of range session on our website!

What would you recommend as a Father's Day gift?
Gift cards are the best for all the dads out there. Whether Dad golfs every day or once a year, Pine Street Country Club is the place for him. Gift cards can be used for any/all of our services and can be purchased in person, or as an e-gift card on our website.

By: Michelle Lassle   Photos by: Ron Essex Photography 

330 Pine Street

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