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Handydads Construction, Inc.

Handydads Construction, Inc.

No Job is Too Small

Born an entrepreneur, Adam Martinez has always been a creative thinker...

“I’ve always had some sort of business,” said Adam. “I did on-air radio, did a little acting, opened up a recording studio. Eventually I became a butcher by trade and then that transitioned into wholesale real estate.” When Adam and his wife welcomed their first child about eight years ago, Adam was determined to avoid somebody else raising his daughter. So, he buckled down and became a stay-at-home dad. “I began doing little home improvement projects around the house,” said Adam. “A lot of people thought that was what I did for a living, so they started asking me to help them with their projects.” What originally began as odd end jobs on nights and weekends turned into a full-blown career. Adam launched Handydads Construction, Inc. in 2013. 


The word got out about Adam’s new venture, and business picked up right away. “Everybody needs a good handyman. People need help around the house whether they’re unable to do certain tasks on their own or they’re just too busy.” Adam saw a demand for home improvement, and there was nobody out there meeting the need. “A lot of general contractors at that time wouldn’t touch a project under $5,000. That’s where my team and I filled the gap.” Handydads offers a wide range of services, including everything from small handyman jobs like smoke detectors and hanging pictures to full bathroom and kitchen remodels. “No project is too small,” said Adam. “We can hang a ceiling fan, mount a TV, or update lighting.”

The Handydads team consists of licensed general contractors who can assist with anything from the roof down. “In the beginning stages I would turn jobs down because I’ve always known my limits,” said Adam. “As I’ve grown, I’ve brought in people that know more than I do in specific areas. Now we cover electric, plumbing, dry wall, painting, landscaping, hauling. You name it. We pretty much handle everything in-house, and if we can’t cover it ourselves, we have a handful of subcontractors that we work with on a close, regular basis. You’re in good hands no matter what.” Customers can rest assured that they won’t have to try and track down unreliable contractors; all they have to do is call Handydads and they handle the rest from start to finish.


As a member of the Brentwood Rotary, Adam also helped spearhead the Home Team which offers free home maintenance services for senior citizens to help keep them safe and off of ladders. “We do a lot of work for the seniors in the Summerset community,” said Adam. “When we walk a job for an elderly customer, we treat them as if we were walking into our own mother’s house. We are not trying to take advantage of their situation; we try to help find the best possible solution for them.” Handydads is also willing to work with families on a budget. Even if someone can’t necessarily afford to gut their kitchen and start from scratch, Handydads can easily help with refacing the cabinets, adding some hardware, and turning their existing space into something they never thought was possible. “I love turning people’s dreams into reality.” One particular customer had an upstairs closet that was seemingly useless, so she reached out to Handydads and asked if it could be transformed into a laundry room. “She had no electric, no plumbing, no water, nothing connected to that room,” said Adam. “We were able to take that closet and completely renovate it to look almost identical to the inspiration photo she had shown us. She was in awe and could now do her laundry upstairs after just having a baby.”

As a dad of two and a business owner, Adam loves the Brentwood community. “It’s very family-oriented, with tons of local family activities and parks, and the schools are great,” said Adam. “That’s a huge factor as to why we originally moved out here.” Adam also actively tries to help the local business community by serving on the board for the Chamber of Commerce. “I started Handydads in hopes of expanding it, and there are several different ways of expansion, like taking on more government contracts, more commercial work, even expanding throughout the Bay Area and beyond. This could be anywhere and there’s a lot of potential, but I always want to continue to build up our local community.”

Address: 3130 Balfour Road, Suite D, Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone: (925) 587 3237

Photos by: Ron Essex Photography 


Brentwood is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nine-county Bay Area and offers a strategic location that connects: the SF Bay Area, Central Valley, Tri-Valley, and Sacramento Delta.


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