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The Little Gym Of Brentwood

The Little Gym Of Brentwood

Little Gym, Big Fun!

We offer enrichment classes for children four months to three years, and recreational gymnastics for three & up.

What was your inspiration behind starting
a kids' gym?
In 2005, our first son, Logan, was born with special needs. At a very early age, he was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes. Doctors have no idea why certain children contract this disease and it affects neurotypical kids as well as those with special
needs. Doctors didn't think Logan would ever walk. So, we started researching activities that would help him work on his motor skills. There was nothing in this area, so after researching many franchises, we decided on The Little Gym and opened The Little Gym of Brentwood in 2008.

All three of our sons have gone through the program, from Birds to Grade School.  As a parent and owner, I felt blessed to have been able to teach and spend so much time with my sons when they were young.



Why did you choose Brentwood as your business' home?
We used to live in the Fremont area, Newark to be exact. After we had Logan, we started looking for an area where there was more of a sense of community, where you know your neighbors. We had some friends that had moved to Brentwood and ended up moving here ourselves in 2006.

What types of classes/camps do you offer?
We offer enrichment classes for children four months to three years, and recreational gymnastics for three & up. We offer themed summer camps for children four to 10 years.



What makes The Little Gym stand out from similar establishments?
There are a few things that make us stand out. All classes are taught in a fun, safe, instructor-led environment. The first is our instructors. We hire for personality, not just skills. Because of this, each instructor is AWESOME with the children. For grade school classes, I hire for skills and personality, and it take a long time to find the right person.

The second is our curriculum.  We have specific elements and structure for each class that allows us to grow and progress skills as the kids get older. For the younger children, we focus on age-appropriate activities that will allow them to become successful and build self-confidence in a parent-child environment. For our three-year olds, we focus on PreK readiness skills such as listening, following directions, taking turns, impulse and emotional control all while working on physical skills in a gymnastics environment. Our four and five-year olds are entering our pre-gymnastics program where we start to work more on skill acquisition. At six and up, the children enter the grade school program. We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.  The intermediate and advanced classes start to work on USAG routines and the skills needed for those routines.

Third is the value. We are not ever going to be the cheapest program in town, but we will always offer the best value. Members are able to select a "home" class, but attend unlimited classes where we have available space. Unlike other programs, they don't have to pay for these extra classes. 

Fourth is the cleanliness. All mats, equipment, etc. are disinfected daily and all flooring is either mopped or vacuumed daily as well. When you enter the gym, it smells clean. We understand our clients are trusting us to keep their little ones safe, and cleanliness is very important to them and to us.


What is your hope for the future?
In Brentwood and the surrounding areas, we would like to become a household name when it comes to enrichment and recreational gymnastics classes. Future plans are to grow to other cities in the East Bay which will allow us to reach more families and children and build confidence through fun!


Business: The Little Gym Of Brentwood
 3850 Balfour Road, Suite K, Brentwood, CA 94513
Tel: (925) 634-0034


Brentwood is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nine-county Bay Area and offers a strategic location that connects: the SF Bay Area, Central Valley, Tri-Valley, and Sacramento Delta.


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