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Alluv Place

Alluv Place

Not Your Average Boutique

Karen Berg and Randi Moser have never been afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

Karen has spent the last 10 years mastering the DIY world, originally fixing up old furniture and then transitioning to chalk-based paint projects. “That led me to selling it, promoting it, and teaching with it,” said Karen. Randi, on the other hand, was an instructor in the fitness industry for 22 years, a career she began when she was a stay-at-home mom who needed time out of the house. “It helped keep me out of the looney bin,” said Randi. While their professions and passions seem like they couldn’t possibly be more different, the two women’s paths crossed 20 years ago as young moms and built a lasting friendship and now business partnership.

When Randi first got married, she wanted to spruce up her home but was working on a budget, so she started to do things for herself. Her desire was to ideally have custom furniture, but those pieces aren’t typically affordable. “That’s where Karen and I met each other,” said Randi. “She painted a bunch of furniture for me, which I still have. That’s where it all began.” Over a year ago Randi opened up The Alluv Place, a clothing boutique, with a different partner. “My kids were grown up, and I wanted something to do. I felt like there was a need for cute, modest clothing.” Her original partner decided that the timing wasn’t right for her, leaving Randi to figure out if she wanted to continue on her own. After having the opportunity to work with Karen inside a different boutique, the two realized that they loved spending time together and worked well as partners, so they joined forces.



“We both work so well together,” said Karen. “We have a similar energy level and are no nonsense, no drama. We communicate really well and are both driven people.” Both women have also had a strong desire to positively impact the community. “We know it’s important to give back, so we wanted to create a business where everyone is welcome; there’s something for everyone in all stages of life.” Alluv Place will carry clothing, DIY products, home décor, baby items, and more. Some of the space will host vendors for items like furniture, jewelry, crochet and knit items, and candles, but there will also be wholesale items from different sources. “One of the most exciting things we’re going to carry is handmade bags from a woman who is working to improve the lives of those making the bags in India,” said Randi. Another vendor is helping to raise money for a little boy battling cancer, and yet another individual sells her home décor and pillows to raise funds for mission projects to the Dominican Republic. “Any time we can partner with someone who makes a fantastic product and gives back to their community, we love it,” said Karen.
Randi and Karen will also offer DIY workshops where individuals can come together and learn a new skill while feeling a sense of community. “We are a boutique, but we’re also a space where you can come and learn something new, spend time with your friends, and ultimately improve your quality of life,” said Karen. The women’s goal is to hopefully facilitate a monthly community service project that people can join in on. “We love downtown Brentwood,” said Randi. “We love our city and want to see it grow and become closer with more families. We want people to recognize our store as a beacon of light and happiness in Brentwood.”



Alluv Place will officially open on April 10. Randi and Karen can’t wait to meet visitors from near and far and leave their day a little brighter. “We will be open during the farmers’ market, so make sure to stop by and say hi!”


Business: Alluv Place
 306 Oak Street, Brentwood, CA 94513
Tel: (925) 759-8204

Photos by: Ron Essex Photography 

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