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Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow

Where a Dog Can Be a Dog

After retiring from 28 years in law enforcement, Marc Beeson decided that he wasn’t quite ready to fully stop working...

Since he and his wife have five dogs and are huge animal lovers, they figured, why not do something that would benefit themselves as well as the surrounding community? “We had never found a place in Brentwood that we felt comfortable taking our dogs to while we were on vacation,” said Marc. “I came across the Camp Bow Wow franchise and completely believed in everything that they stood for, their transparency, and some of the things that they do that’s just different than anybody else out there.” So, on March 1, 2021 Camp Bow Wow’s Brentwood location opened.

Camp Bow Wow offers all-day doggie daycare, Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. They also offer overnight boarding while you’re away on vacation, anywhere from a one night stay up to a month or whatever you may need. “What’s really cool about our boarding is, when you board your dog, he’s not just locked up in a cabin,” said Marc. “Your dog is allowed to go out and play in our play yards during the day so that he’s still getting a lot of dog socialization. We also have cameras in all of our play yards so pet parents can download the app or visit our website and actually check in on their dog.” Marc also guarantees that all of his camp counselors take courses to teach them about dog body language and behavior and are pet CPR and first aid certified, in case of any issues.



No matter the size of your dog, Camp Bow Wow can accommodate your needs. “We offer cabins of all sizes, anything from a teacup condo for pocket dogs up to a family cabin which holds up to three dogs.” Marc also offers two luxury suites which are larger in size than the cabins and also include 24/7 cameras; not only do the dogs have more space to themselves, the owners can also watch their dogs 24 hours a day. Marc and his team also provide everything that a four-legged friend would need, such as cots, blankets, and special treats. “We do ask that owners bring their own food so that dogs don’t get off of their specific diets,” said Marc. “A lot of people also bring their dog’s favorite blanket, bed, or toys, which they’re welcome to do.”



Marc admits that opening during a pandemic has been less than ideal. “The two things that our business relies on are people traveling and people going to work,” Marc said. “Those are the two things that the pandemic basically eliminated. However, Brentwood has been amazing and welcomed us with open arms.” Camp Bow Wow has done much better than Marc anticipated in the short time they’ve been open for business, and he hopes that as things begin to normalize more, his daycare business will increase as well. “We were packed during the summer, and we’d love to continue that.”


While helping individuals to lighten the burden of pet care is a benefit of Camp Bow Wow, Marc’s true passion is for helping the dogs who come in who have never been socialized and are afraid of people and other dogs, due to the pandemic. “For us to be able to help those dogs become dogs again is really cool to watch,” said Marc. It’s no surprise that Marc is loving his “retirement.” “I get to go and play with dogs all day. They love you no matter what.”


Business: Camp Bow Wow
 103 Technology Court, Suite F, Brentwood, CA 94513
Contact: (925) 666 9663

Photos by: Ron Essex Photography & Sara Jean Photograpy 


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