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Studio V Beauty

Studio V Beauty

Business Name: Studio V Beauty

More Than Good Brows

Vanessa Vincent has always been a go-getter, someone who never sits still for too long. After high school she went to college, but pretty quickly decided that she wanted to dive straight into mortgages. “I loved it, and I was good at it,” said Vanessa. “It paid the bills, but it wasn’t my passion.” Vanessa’s true passion had always been beauty, providing makeup services on the side for weddings and other events but thinking that there wasn’t substantial income that could come as a result of those services. After having her first daughter and eventually returning to work, Vanessa realized that she didn’t want to dedicate 40 hours of her week away from her child. “I have always sort of been ahead of the beauty trends like eyelash extensions, hair extensions, etc. I remember when microblading first came out, not a lot of people knew about it. I had to drive hours in traffic to go have it done.”

At that point, Vanessa knew she wanted to find some type of work to do on the side so that she could be a stay-at-home mom. As she was having her eyebrows microbladed, her wheels began to spin. “I sat there and realized, I could do this,” said Vanessa. “I started asking my technician how many clients she had per day and did the math. All of the lightbulbs went off.” As someone who needs to see things on paper, Vanessa went home and wrote out all of the pros, cons, and costs. “My main goal was just to take the class and pay it off. If nothing ever came of it, I would be fine. It would be a learning lesson.” Vanessa finally pulled the trigger and opened Studio V Beauty in early 2017, and with nobody else in the area offering microblading services, within six months Vanessa quit her job in the mortgage industry and was instead working 25-30 hour weeks, making three times as much as in her previous career. “I was blown away.”

As a very determined person, Vanessa was focused on mastering the techniques, machines and different skin types to provide the best results possible. She started offering microblading in a tiny room at Fourth and Rose on Balfour Road. Then she moved into the back room of Socialyte Boutique downtown. “I knew I wanted to be downtown, but I needed to get my foot in the door,” said Vanessa. “Downtown is prime real estate.” Like countless other small businesses, Vanessa agreed to be at Socialyte two weeks before the pandemic shut everything down. “Fortunately, I was able to muscle through. I did not take the chance of working. I’m dealing with faces and in close proximity. I’m not cutting hair; I’m tattooing faces.” While the forced break was terrifying, Vanessa took that time to pivot her business and begin teaching women online. The promise was that after everything opened back up, Vanessa would do one-on-one sessions with her clients. She was able to teach brow patterns and techniques, and later she would give hands-on experience. “I don’t believe that you can learn this solely online.”

After working in Socialyte for about three years, Vanessa became pregnant with her second daughter and was simultaneously looking for a new, larger space for her business to grow. “I knew Socialyte was a stepping stone, and I’m so grateful for it,” said Vanessa. “Without it, I wouldn’t have found my own space downtown.” By meeting the right people at the right time, Vanessa was able to find a downtown location around the corner from Socialyte and instantly knew it was the spot for her. “It was previously Athena’s Hair Studio. If you know the policies about downtown Brentwood, new businesses who are offering a service have to be grandfathered in because of zoning. So, I had to patiently wait for a spot that was already providing services to become available.”

During the transition into her new location in 2022, Vanessa took her maternity leave; however, as someone who can’t sit still for long, Vanessa accidentally returned to work prematurely. Her sister-in-law has been in the jewelry industry for ten years, and when she came across permanent jewelry, she insisted that Vanessa add it to her list of services at her new studio. “She convinced me to host a pop-up during a downtown event, and as I’m watching her and how much fun everyone is having, I thought, ‘I can do this. This is easy.’” Just as before, Vanessa went home, did the numbers again, and decided to jump in. “I was standing there at a market, on maternity leave, and realized that I was technically working. It didn’t feel like work.” When Vanessa had the realization that permanent jewelry was its own business, she knew she wouldn’t have time for it once she returned to work at Studio V. So, she asked her sister to join her, and she now has three ladies helping her do the permanent jewelry while Vanessa works behind the scenes on the marketing, planning, and inventory. “I don’t do the jewelry unless I need to. Instead, I’m training and showing other businesses how to add this service to their already existing business. I get excited about something, I master it, and then I want to show you how to do it too.”

Studio V Beauty is more than just Vanessa offering her permanent cosmetic services. She has a whole glam squad of ladies providing lash, eyebrow, lip blush, eyeliner, hair, and fine line tattoo services, as well as permanent jewelry and house plants by Real Plant Moms. “Everybody who is in the studio is someone that I would use myself,” said Vanessa. “I wanted to keep things intimate and handpicked everyone. There are so many talented artists out there, but I selected the ones who I would personally go to. We all have a great relationship.”

As we move into 2024, Vanessa’s passion is shifting toward helping women to find their power and inspiring them. “I will always offer my brow services because that is my true passion, but I also find that excitement in sharing and showing women how to be successful. People think I’m creating competition, but everyone has their own clientele. There are plenty of eyebrows to go around.” Vanessa will continue her online training courses for both permanent cosmetics and permanent jewelry, while helping to guide individuals on how to be the most successful possible and showing them the tools to find that success along the way. However, virtual or not, Vanessa knows that downtown Brentwood is home. “Downtown is homey; it’s the feel that I wanted to be a part of. The longer I’m here, the more I know that this is where I’m supposed to be.”

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