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California Gleamin’

California Gleamin’

Business Name: Studio V Beauty

A Luxury Wellness Spa & Boutique

Sarah Christine has always been a go-getter who never backs down from a challenge and is rarely intimidated to have to learn something new. When Sarah began searching for someone close by to provide teeth whitening services, she was only able to find dental offices whose prices were higher than she wanted to dedicate to the cause. Sarah, being the person she is, took matters into her own hands. “I’m a learner,” said Sarah. “I’ll figure anything out by researching through and through. I started researching how to do teeth whitening and tooth gems for myself and eventually took multiple classes in person and online. I even watched a ton of videos until I felt comfortable enough to practice on friends and family.” Clearly those friends and family members were satisfied customers because they began referring Sarah to others who wanted to pay her for her services. So, in January 2020 Sarah decided to provide teeth whitening and tooth gems on the side in addition to her corporate job, thus opening California Gleamin’ 

It’s no secret what happened a few months after opening. “The world shut down, thanks to COVID, and I had to shift my menu of services to adapt to what we were going through,” said Sarah. “That’s how body detoxing came about on the service board. It’s what carried me though the pandemic. I had always done detoxing on myself and my family; now I was able to highly recommend it to other people to help detox their bodies and restore their PH balance.” Once again, Sarah researched and reached out to others in the industry who had a long history. In the midst of countless businesses closing, Sarah’s flourished. “It took off. The year 2020 may have been when the world shut down, but it was a huge year of growth for me; a year of knowledge, grace, understanding, and a way for me to give back.” Initially Sarah was offering her services in-home, but as the virus spread and people became more frantic, Sarah pulled back from going into people’s homes where the environment wasn’t properly controlled for a business. That’s where her 1964 vintage camper came into play. “I transformed her into a mobile wellness spa where I could completely control the environment and sanitation. I was also able to offer group treatments. Plus, my gorgeous camper inspired my logo, which I love.”
A little over a year later, Sarah knew it was time to take the next step and enter into the brick-and-mortar world. When a single room became available on Oak Street in a little suite above Sip and Scoop and Brentwood Craft Beer and Cider, Sarah jumped at the opportunity. “It was just one single room, but it was a step,” said Sarah. Then six months in, one of the ladies in a neighbor room mentioned her plans to leave, so Sarah expanded into that room as well. Shortly after that, the back room also became available, and the landlord asked Sarah if she wanted to take over the entire suite of three rooms and a lobby. “It was a huge yes! I was so excited to expand into the entire space.” Two talented technicians fell into Sarah’s lap to help fill her spaces. Michaela is a waxing specialist and spray tan technician, and Aymee is an experienced esthetician. Then Sarah added Nat, a body contour specialist. “That’s how I got half of my team,” said Sarah. “They all independently run their own businesses; we’re just here to be supportive of one another.” California Gleamin’ currently offers waxing, spray tans, facial services, lashes, reiki healing and cosmetic services.
Sarah wasted no time searching for a second location. She knew there was even more that she wanted to offer the community, she just needed the space to do it. “I’ve always had my own retail and an online boutique,” said Sarah. “Pop ups can be exhausting, and I just wanted my own space. Then the spot on Chestnut Street became available, which allows me to bring in vendors with unique items that aren’t normally found downtown. We want to be that pop of pink.” Sarah’s second location, Gleam, officially opened its doors on April 2, 2024. They currently offer body contouring, scar and stretch mark revisions, needle-less fat dissolving, infrared sauna, red light therapy, foot detoxing, yoni steams, tooth gems, needle-less lip fillers, hydro gloss lips, and so much more. Sarah has also added private yoga instructor, Kedra, who can provide services for up to three individuals at a time. “I love the concept of what she’s doing because larger gym classes can be difficult to receive any help with proper form.” The store in the front of Gleam has a variety of items from a handful of local vendors, including funny bath bombs, detoxes, hand-poured candles, beard supplies, customizable jewelry, hand-sewn clothing, and Sarah’s dip mix line. “It’s basically like a gift shop full of local creators.”
When thinking about all that downtown Brentwood has to offer, Sarah does not view any fellow business as competition or a reason to need to stand out from the crowd. “There’s more than enough sunshine for all of us, even in our quaint downtown,” said Sarah. “Not every client is going to mix with every personality, but your clientele will find your matching vibe. I don’t think we’re trying to outshine anyone else. There’s a common goal, but there is so much room for us all.” Sarah gets joy from watching neighboring businesses be successful and draws inspiration from it. “I love watching everybody flourish down here. That means I’m in the right neighborhood. You want to be next to people who are doing well.” As for adding a third location, Sarah is wanting to be at peace with where her two businesses are currently. “I really want to sink my heels into where we are,” said Sarah. She also hopes to fine-tune what she has available for the community. Ultimately, she would love to have all of her technicians in one location so they can all be together and offer their services in one place. “I’m definitely not stopping. I have three children, and I have to think about them and their future. I want to leave them a little bit more than just pictures. This is my legacy.”
Regardless of where the future takes her, Sarah is happy to call Brentwood home. “I love and respect Brentwood for growing the way that it is,” said Sarah. “Even though it is expanding, it has kept the small-town feel. For people like myself who didn’t come from a small town and didn’t know that was where I truly wanted to raise a family, that is at the top of my list of what I love about this town. Why not dig my roots deeper here? I thought about and looked at other cities before opening my first location, but something kept pushing me back into Brentwood. I can’t imagine having my businesses anywhere else.”

Address: 234 Oak Street, Suite 7, Brentwood, CA 94513
Address: 161 Chestnut Street

Photos by:  Sara Jean Photography 



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