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The French Kat Atelier

The French Kat Atelier

Business Name: Studio V Beauty

An Open Sewing & Educational Studio

It was around the age of 14 that Kenia Carreon became interested in sewing. Having hand-sewn countless of her own clothing items, after cutting them up and splicing them together in an attempt to emulate her favorite musicians or pop stars, Kenia finally asked for an actual sewing machine. “My first was a small Singer that I used to start stitching fabric together,” said Kenia. “From there I joined programs and clubs for sewing.” Kenia’s passion led her to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco where she completed her design courses and then into the professional industry where she worked for boutiques, in costuming, in freelancing and alterations, and now teaching.

Kenia officially opened The French Kat Atelier on May 2, 2024 with the hopes of inspiring others to find their sewing passion also. “I was surprised there wasn’t anything like this in Brentwood already, considering all of the focus on creatives, art, kid activities, and family-oriented options. I’m more than happy to be the one to introduce the idea to the community.” When Kenia lived in Silicon Valley, she worked part-time for a woman who owned an organization called Camp Fashionista which focused on teaching children. She fell in love with teaching sewing to other people and seeing their excitement when they completed their own creations. So, when she moved to Brentwood in November 2023, her boyfriend suggested that Kenia open something similar in town, and she went for it.


The French Kat Atelier offers workshops, classes, and custom designs, along with alterations. “I want to lean into teaching people about sustainability and fixing things themselves,” said Kenia. “It’s good to learn where your clothing comes from and how it’s made; you tend to appreciate clothing more when approaching it that way.” Kids as young as six years old can attend Kenia’s classes. “We work with sharp needles and tools, and I need kids to have some reading comprehension.” Kenia’s workshops begin with the basics like threading a sewing machine, understanding how they function, and even sewing a button, all the way to cutting your own pattern. The continued sewing class goes further into the garment side of the industry, teaching students how clothing fits, how to alter the fit to their body, how pattern grading works, and how different fabric properties react to wear. “There is a kid-friendly version of that too that is more about things like how to sew a zipper, add elastic to something, and how to measure yourself.” Classes are five weeks long, once a week. During the summer they are Monday-Friday for one week. Classes can accommodate up to 10 kids during the summer and a maximum of six kids the remainder of the year.

Kenia is hoping that her space will also become an open work studio for those who already know their way around a sewing machine and how to utilize all of the tools with a desire to create their own projects, whether it’s for a business they have or a fun summer project they want to accomplish. “I am happy to provide people with everything they need to be successful: fabric, thread, tools, machines, and encouragement,” said Kenia. She also continues to have her passion for alterations, and individuals are welcome to bring in pieces that still have some life left in them. “It brings me a lot of joy, wanting to fix an item instead of returning it or replacing it or buying something else. I’m here to make it right and make it last.”

Even though she’s not a Brentwood native, Kenia knew she wanted her business here. When she met her boyfriend who lived in Brentwood, Kenia was still in San Jose, where she grew up. It wasn’t until her boyfriend invited her to visit that she came to see all that Brentwood has to offer. “I came to check it out and saw how calm it is here,” said Kenia. “I saw downtown and all different places.” She made the move during the holidays and began the hunt for a brick-and-mortar location. Within a few months she found her Sand Creek Road location, and she couldn’t be happier with where she ended up. “Brentwood just seemed different. I like the life and people here. There is so much community, and everyone knows each other. I just want to get to know this town more as I encourage others to explore their passion for the arts.”

Address: 131 Sand Creek Road, Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone: (408) 661-9127

Photos by:  Sara Jean Photography 



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