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Creative Hair Extensions & Wigs

Creative Hair Extensions & Wigs

Helping You Personify Your Beauty

Angrett Davies has been in the hair industry for nearly 20 years...

and after a handful of years she began to notice a pattern. “I started realizing that clients’ hair was thinning,” said Angrett. “I knew that in the long run, differentiating myself and creating something unique was the way to have longevity.” So, with a new demand presenting itself, Angrett knew it was up to her to shift her focus and increase her knowledge. “I started learning more, taking every class I could find, and became more of an expert in hair additions like wig design, toppers, and different forms of extensions. I was already familiar with braids, sew-in hair extensions, classic wigs, etc., so it was very normal for me to work with toppers and hair replacement systems It was a natural progression.” By combining her skills, Angrett was able to transform into someone who could do anybody’s hair (and someone who clients would drive hours to see).

Originally Angrett was an independent contractor renting a station in someone else’s salon; however, she realized that clients with hair loss didn’t want to visit her in a large space. That’s when Angrett knew it was time to open her own business where her clients would have privacy. So, approximately eight years ago, after going back to graduate school for her Master’s in Business and drawing up the perfect business plan, Creative Hair Extensions & Wigs was born. Angrett immediately went to work reviving clients’ hair and self-confidence in the Salon Suites on Balfour Road. Angrett continues to offer all of the traditional salon services like cut, color, hair straightening, etc., but she now offers an additional focus on wigs, toppers, toupees, hair growth treatment, and six different types of hair extensions.



With decades of experience under her belt, Angrett knows that each person’s solution is based on their hair issue. Everything is customized to the specific client’s needs and hair type; nothing is cookie cutter. “If you’re 20 years old, and your roots are strong but you just want long hair, almost any type of extension will do,” said Angrett. “However, if you’re 40 and have thinning hair, and you want extensions, the wrong type will only cause more damage.” That is the exact reason why Angrett offers so many choices for her clients to select from. “There are so many versions of the same thing on the market, which is why you have to find a company that you trust. A client of mine who is a cancer patient recently brought in a $1,500 wig that she purchased online, and it did not complement her. It was a high-quality brand, but it wasn’t a proper fit for her.” Angrett worked her magic by cutting the wig properly, giving her a completely realistic, beautiful salon result.

Part of what makes Creative Hair Extensions & Wigs stand out in their industry is the retail aspect. Angrett has a full retail side of her salon which allows clients to go in, try on wigs, and if she doesn’t have the exact color that her client is looking for, Angrett can order it for them. “I try to make the process as easy as possible,” said Angrett. “We essentially combine a wig shop with a hair salon so that clients leave with a hair piece that matches their natural hair and the entire process is as seamless as humanly possible.” Clients receive a free consultation ahead of time so that the individual can ask all of their questions, and that person and Angrett come to a consensus. “I know how emotionally important it is to get the right hair product to help my clients feel better.”



While her business is incredibly successful, Angrett didn’t get to live out her dream right away. “I had to wait until my youngest daughter turned 18 to move onto the next step,” said Angrett. “Being a mom came first. It was a sacrifice for sure, but you have to pick and choose your priority. Being a mom was the single most important thing to me. So, I spent those years building my skills for the future. People tell you, ‘You can have it all at once,’ and I can tell you, ‘You can have it all in your lifetime.’” Part of that dream is expanding her online store and carrying specific brands, as well as designing her own pieces and educating other stylists on her products and how to do what she does. “One of the most important things I wanted to do was to make my own product,” said Angrett. “I can train people, but if they go out and buy the wrong hair, they won’t succeed. I now need to become the producer as opposed to just a consumer.” Angrett also plans to expand her salon into a larger location in order to carry more retail options for clients.


Angrett has a deep passion for lifting others up along the way. With her future plans for offering certifications and specialized products, she would be creating jobs and putting people to work. “After 20 years in the industry, stylists start to hurt in their hands, feet, and backs. It’s a grueling, physical job to do, and for older stylists, you can’t stand 10 hours a day. If you expand your technical skills with hair pieces, which is so needed in the industry, you’re only working six hours a day but still have the same income while attracting a new type of clientele.” Angrett’s plan would prolong stylists’ careers and provide them with another avenue.  Hair loss is only increasing in the U.S. So, if you’re a hair stylist, what are you waiting for?

Business: Creative Hair Extensions & Wigs
 3860 Balfour Road, Suite F301, Brentwood, CA 94513
Contact: (925) 565-0974

Photos by: Ron Essex Photography 


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