Why Shop Local?

Reasons you should love to shop local:


Healthier environment

Independent, community-serving businesses typically consume less land, carry more locally-made products, locate closer to residents and create less traffic and air pollution.

Enhance local democracy

Local ownership of business means residents with roots in the community are involved in key development decisions that shape our lives and local environment.

Improve and enhance public services

Sales tax from local businesses provides a valuable source of tax revenue which is recirculated back into the local economy, providing better services for your community (public safety, parks & recreation, streets).

Increase property values

Lively, vibrant neighborhood shopping streets are considered an advantage when selling a home; property values increase.

Create and provide jobs

Local retailers provide many jobs for the community.

By choosing local and independent businesses for your shopping, dining, and other needs, you not only enjoy a more unique and personal experience, you are contributing to the health and wealth of your community.

Geddes Music Store

Brentwood Blooms

Build and strengthen your community

Local shops and businesses support many community events and charitable organizations, provide meeting places that bring neighbors together, and build community cohesiveness which helps give the neighborhood a unique identity.

Shape our character Independent businesses help give your community its distinct personality.

The Makers Boulevard

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Downtown Brentwood

Brentwood is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nine-county Bay Area and offers a strategic location that connects: the SF Bay Area, Central Valley, Tri-Valley, and Sacramento Delta.


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